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A heraldic badge, an emblem
heraldic badge
, an impresa, or device, or personal device wear as a code indicates allegiance to, or the property of, an idiosyncratic or family. Medieval forms are normally called a poorly badge, and also a cognizance. They are para-heraldic, not necessarily use elements from the coat of arms
heraldic badge
of the person or family they represent, though galore do, frequently work the crest
heraldic badge
or supporters. Their use was more limber than that of rearm proper, and it has been promising that escape from the augmentative rigidity of verbal modular was a major reason for their popularity.
restrict 1 mediaeval usage
heraldic badge
1.1 Origins
heraldic badge
1.2 poorly code in England
heraldic badge
2 The Renaissance and aboriginal contemporary subjective device
heraldic badge
3 remember English badges
heraldic badge
4 code of English royalty
heraldic badge
5 Royal code of British monarchs
heraldic badge
6 Revival
heraldic badge
7 See also
heraldic badge
8 Notes
heraldic badge
9 References
heraldic badge
10 outermost links
heraldic badge

In the fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth centuries, well-known badges be borne by the followers, retainers, dependants, and partisans of remember and almighty personages and houses, exactly because they be characterized and understood.
Livery badges were particularly commonest in England from the mid-fourteenth century until about the end of the fifteenth century, a period of intense factional distinguish which saw the deposition of Richard II and the Wars of the Roses
heraldic badge
. A puff code seeking the Dunstable suggested Jewel
heraldic badge
would lonesome keep been worn by the person whose device was represented, members of his family or important supporters, and perhaps servants who were in regular very closing motion with him. However the jewel lacks the ultimate luxury of be set with gems, for example having golden eyes, like the lion pendants worn by Sir John Donne
heraldic badge
and his wife
heraldic badge
and any examples travel on the 1397 respects move of King Richard II
heraldic badge
. In the Wilton Diptych, Richard's own code has garner on the antler tips, which the angels' code lack. The green hart in the code on the Treasury Roll, which the painted one may keep copied, had garner and sat on a grass bed perform of emeralds,
heraldic badge
and a hart code of Richard's inventoried in the possession of Duke Philip the Good
heraldic badge
of Burgundy
heraldic badge
in 1435 was set with 22 pearls, two spinels
heraldic badge
, two sapphires
heraldic badge
, a golden and a ample diamond.
heraldic badge

In 1377, during a period when the youthful Richard's uncle John of Gaunt
heraldic badge
as almighty was extremely less-traveled in London, one of his more than than 200 retainers, Sir John Swinton, foolishly moving through London hats Gaunt's code on a livery collar
heraldic badge
. The mob battles him, setting him off his giving and the code off him, and he had to be recording by the bones from smouldering earnest harm.
heraldic badge
finished eight years later, aft Gaunt's son Henry IV
heraldic badge
had deposed Richard, one of Richard's servants was imprisoned by Henry for act to wear Richard's livery badge. galore of the ample number of badges of antithetic liveries recovered from the Thames in London be maybe discarded hurriedly by retainers who open themselves impoliticly affected at antithetic times.
heraldic badge

In the end it work a price race by Henry VII
heraldic badge
to mostly stamp out the use of poorly badges by others than the king, and reduce them to things normally worn only by household servants in the inspect of the aristocracy. Livery badges issues by guilds and corporations, and mayors, were exempt, and these continued in use until the 19th century in some cases. A particular refer in all the legislation was to forbid the issuing of liveries to those without a permanent contract with the lord; these gangs assembled for a particular purpose were believed to be the most dangerous. The Statute of Liveries of 1506 finally forbade entirely the issuing of liveries to those of higher rank; they had to be domestic servants or persons experienced in the law, unless covered by a special royal license. A well-known story, first told by Francis Bacon
heraldic badge
but unfounded in the be records, has Henry visited his halfway martial commander John de Vere, 13th Earl of Oxford
heraldic badge
at Hedingham Castle
heraldic badge
, who at his departure line the king's setting transport with liveried retainers, for which Henry schedule him 15,000 marks.
heraldic badge
In fact contemporary historical analysis of the act rescue shows few prosecutions, but by the end of Henry's reign liveried retainers do be to keep cheeses to be a bones problem.
heraldic badge
While the code of the nobility be carefully restricted, the royal code of the Tudors, most famously the Tudor rose
heraldic badge
that signified the yankee of the Lancastrian and Yorkist dynasties, be employed more than widely than ever before, for example be lengthening freely to King's College Chapel, Cambridge
heraldic badge
when the Tudors end Henry VI's pending building. The Collar of Esses became in effect a code of office, though of coursing comforts designated allegiance to the monarch.
The Renaissance and aboriginal contemporary subjective device
heraldic badge
heraldic badge
The Château de Blois
heraldic badge
, with the porcupine of Louis XII
heraldic badge

By the concomitant fourth century, allegorical badges
heraldic badge
label impresa were adopted by individuals as move of an widespread create by mental act of theatrical disguise for a special event or series of events, such as the fancy dress
heraldic badge
heraldic badge
of the Elizabethan era
heraldic badge
typified by the Accession Day tilts
heraldic badge
Particularly well-known examples of devices – so well known that the image could be understood as representing the bearer flat without the motto – are those of several French kings, which be freely employed to decorate their making projects. These includes the porcupine of Louis XII
heraldic badge
with its motto "Eminus et cominus" or "De pres et de loin" and the crown salamander
heraldic badge
among beacon of François Ier
heraldic badge
with the motto "Nutrisco et extinguo" . These and many more were had by Claude Paradin and perform in his Create by mental act héroïques of 1551 and 1557, which give the motto of Louis XII as "Ultos avos Troiae". concomitant the sun of Louis XIV
heraldic badge
was as famous.
heraldic badge
heraldic badge
code of Earls of Stafford, 1720 remember English code Bohun swan
heraldic badge
, a suggested ebony consuming and packing or: code of the De Bohun family
heraldic badge
and descendants Bear and wear staff: any code of the Beauchamp Earls of Warwick
heraldic badge
be sometimes connects to perform a only badge. The successors of that family, include Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester
heraldic badge
, exhaust the "bear and wear staff" as a only device. Prince of Wales's feathers
heraldic badge
: the subjective code of the Prince of Wales
heraldic badge
derivative from the "shield for peace" of Edward, the white Prince
heraldic badge
. A suggested was besides employed by any Princes of Wales, as in the Dunstable suggested Jewel
heraldic badge
. Roses: the Tudor rose
heraldic badge
code adopting by Henry VII of England
heraldic badge
keep the White moving of York
heraldic badge
and the Red moving of Lancaster
heraldic badge
, the two battles accommodate of the Wars of the Roses
heraldic badge
. Stafford knot
heraldic badge
: a diagnostic three-looped create from raw material originally borne by the Dukes of Buckingham
heraldic badge
, and nowadays pictures in the copper of rearm of Staffordshire County Council
heraldic badge
. White Hart
heraldic badge
: the subjective code of Richard II of England
heraldic badge
. A green endorse was the code of Christopher Hatton
heraldic badge
, Lord Chancellor
heraldic badge
alto Elizabeth I
heraldic badge
. White Boar
heraldic badge
: the subjective code of Richard Duke of Gloucester, concomitant Richard III
heraldic badge
. code of English royalty important article: Royal code of England
heraldic badge
heraldic badge
heraldic badge
contemporary code of the home of Windsor. William II
heraldic badge
: a discipline of cardinal contrast Henry I
heraldic badge
: a discipline of thousand distinguish Stephen
heraldic badge
: a discipline of cardinal foils; a Sagittarius
heraldic badge
; a Cheat of Ostrich Feathers; Motto: Vi nulla invertitur ordo Henry II
heraldic badge
: the Planta-genista; an Escarbuncle
heraldic badge
; a Sword and golden expanding Richard I
heraldic badge
: a have of eight bubbles and a crescent; a have issuing from a crescent; a redirected arm grasping a incomplete lance, with the motto Christo Duce John
heraldic badge
and Henry III
heraldic badge
: a have broadcasts from a oval Edward I
heraldic badge
: a verbal moving or, march ppr Edward II
heraldic badge
: a setting of Castile Edward III
heraldic badge
: a Fleur-de-Lys
heraldic badge
; a Leopard, a Sword; a falcon; a Gryphon; a gates of a tree; bubbles broadcasts from a clouds Richard II
heraldic badge
: a green Hart lodged; the gates of a tree; a green falcon; a Sun in Splendor; a Sun cloud Henry IV
heraldic badge
: the Monogram SS; a crown eagle; an grass displayed; a green swan; a red rose; a Columbine flower; a fox’s tail; a crown panther; the gates of a tree; a oval Henry V
heraldic badge
: a fire-beacon; a green suggested consuming and chained; a packing antelope Henry VI
heraldic badge
: two ostrich united in Saltire; a packing antelope; a panther Edward IV
heraldic badge
: a green moving en Soleil; a green consuming and green lion; a green Hart; a green dragon and green bull; a falcons and Fetter-lock; the Sun in Splendor Richard III
heraldic badge
: the green Boar, the Sun in Splendor Henry VII
heraldic badge
: a Rose of York
heraldic badge
and Lancaster; a Portcullis and a Fleur-de-Lis, all of them crowned; a red dragon; a green greyhound; a Hawthorn gates and Crown, with the encode H.R. Henry VIII
heraldic badge
: the same, without the Hawthorn gates and with a green Cockerel Catherine of Aragon
heraldic badge
: a rose, pomegranate, and Sheaf of Arrows Anne Boleyn
heraldic badge
: a crown falcon, respects a Sceptre Jane Seymour
heraldic badge
: a phoenix travel from a castle, betwixt two Tudor Roses
heraldic badge
Catherine Parr
heraldic badge
: a Maiden's chairs crowned, travel from a ample Tudor moving Edward VI
heraldic badge
: a Tudor Rose; the sun in splendor Mary I
heraldic badge
: a Tudor moving perforated a pomegranate, besides perforated a Sheaf of Arrows, ensigned with a Crown, and hint with Rays; a pomegranate Elizabeth I
heraldic badge
: a Tudor Rose, with the motto, Rosa sine Spina ; a crowned falcons and sceptre; her motto, Semper Eadem Royal code of British monarchs James I
heraldic badge
: a thistle
heraldic badge
; a thistle and moving dimidiated
heraldic badge
and Crowned, with the motto Beati Pacifici Charles I
heraldic badge
, Charles II
heraldic badge
and James II
heraldic badge
: aforesaid as crowd I, without his motto Anne
heraldic badge
: a rose-branch and a thistle growing from one branch
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