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See classification
for families.
The evolutionary history of scorpions end endorse to the Silurian
era 430 million years ago. They keep change to a wide crops of environmental teach and can now be open on all continents minds Antarctica
. scorpions be around 1750 set forth species
with 13 living families recognise to date. lonesome about 25 of these species are characterized to have venom competent of killing a human being.
:1The taxonomy has change dress and is probably to improved further, as heritable analyse are buses inaccurate new information.
restrict 1 Etymology
2 geographic distribution
3 Classification
3.1 Systematics
4 Fossil record
5 Morphology
5.1 Cephalothorax
5.2 Mesosoma
5.3 Metasoma
6 Fluorescence
7 Biology
7.1 Reproduction
7.2 outputs and development
8 Relationship with humans
8.1 Ache and venom
8.1.1 archetypal aid
8.1.2 Medical use
scorpion Production
8.2 Consumption
8.3 In culture
9 See also
10 References
11 outermost links

The vent scorpion
is think to keep arose in Middle English
betwixt 1175 and 1225 AD
from Old French
or from Italian
scorpione, any derives from the Latin
vent scorpius,
which is the romanisation
of the Greek
vent σκορπίος
 – skorpíos.

geographic distribution
Today, scorpions are open in virtually all terrene habitat
, include high-elevation mountains, core and intertidal zones, with the exception of boreal ecosystems
, untold as the tundra
, high-altitude taiga
and the for good snow-clad outranking of any mountains.
As reasons microhabitats
, scorpions may be ground-dwelling, tree-living, lithophilic
or psammophilic
; any species, untold as Vaejovis janssi
, are change and open in all write of habitat in Baja California
, while others work take niches untold as Euscorpius carpathicus
, which take the littoral zone
of the shore.

thither are eight families and around 1,750 set forth species and subspecies of scorpions. In addition, thither are 111 set forth taxa of meticulous scorpions.

The following classification cover living taxa to the rank
of family
ordering scorpiones Infraorder Orthosterni
, 1911 Parvorder Pseudochactida
et Fet
, 2003 Superfamily Pseudochactoidea
, 1998 Family Pseudochactidae
, 1998 Parvorder Buthida
et Fet
, 2003 Superfamily Buthoidea
C. L. Koch
, 1837 Family Buthidae
C. L. Koch
, 1837 Family Microcharmidae
, 1996 Parvorder Chaerilida
et Fet
, 2003 Superfamily Chaeriloidea
, 1893 Family Chaerilidae
, 1893 Parvorder Iurida
et Fet
, 2003 Superfamily Chactoidea
, 1893 Family Chactidae
, 1893 Family Euscorpiidae
Laurie, 1896 Family Superstitioniidae
, 1940 Family Vaejovidae
, 1876 Superfamily Iuroidea
, 1876 Family Caraboctonidae
, 1905 ">hairy scorpions
) Family Iuridae
, 1876 Superfamily scorpionoidea
, 1802 Family Bothriuridae
, 1880 Family Hemiscorpiidae
, 1893 ">rock scorpions
, creeping scorpions
, or tree scorpions
) Family scorpionidae
, 1802 ">pale-legged scorpions
) Fossil logs
Proscorpius osborni, fossil scorpion ab initio think to be a eurypterid

The eurypterids
, marine
creatures that lived during the Palaeozoic
era, shares any physical traits with scorpions and may be intimately think to them. Various species of Eurypterida could grow to be anywhere from 10 centimetres to 2.5 metres in length.
However, they exhibited anatomical
differences stick them off as a groups distinct from their Carboniferous and revolutionary relatives. Despite this, they are commonly referred to as "sea scorpions".
Their legs are think to keep appeared short, thick, tapering and to keep ended in a only strong claw; it appears that they were well-adapted for maintaining a secure retain upon rocks or seaweed against the washing of waves, like the legs of a shore crab
. Cladistic
investigates keep support the idea that the eurypterids are a antithetic groups from the scorpions.

scorpion anatomy: 1 = Cephalothorax or Prosoma
; 2 = Abdomen or Mesosoma
; 3 = act or Metasoma
; 4 = forms or Pedipalps
5 = Legs; 6 = network move or Chelicerae
; 7 = pincers or Chelae
; 8 = peregrine forms or Tarsus
; 9 = better forms or Manus
; 10 = hunger or Aculeus ; 11 = Telson
lie of scorpion
Stinger of an Arizona disclose scorpion
dorsoventral think of an chartless scorpion species where the pectines
can elementary be spy with a rear seeking organize in an dress V shape.
The cephalothorax
, besides label the prosoma
, been the carapace
, eyes, chelicerae
, pedipalps
" title="Chela ">chelae
, ordinarily label forms or pincers) and cardinal happen of walking legs
. The scorpion's exoskeleton is thick and durable, providing solid protection from predators. scorpions have two eyes on the top of the cephalothorax, and normally two to five pairs of eyes along the front tamper of the cephalothorax. The position of the eyes on the cephalothorax depends in move on the hardness or softness of the change upon which they spend their lives.

The abdomen, besides label the opisthosoma
, be of cardinal divide , all enclosed dorsally
by a sclerotosed silver and besides ventrally for divide 3 to 7. The archetypal abdominal filtered bears a happen of genital opercula
cover the gonopore
. filtered 2 be of the basic silver with the pectines
, which are a happen of limbs dress into afferent organs.
all of the mesosomal divide 3 to 7 keep a happen of spiracles
, the openings for the scorpion's respiratory organs, characterized as book lungs
. The spiracle openings may be slits, circular, elliptical, or oval.
On uncommon occasions, scorpions can be hatched with two metasomata . Two-tailed scorpions are not a other species, simply a heritable abnormality.

This white scorpion been light-blue alto a black light
scorpions advantage areas where the temperatures crops from 20 to 37 °C , but may surviving temperatures ranging from resurfacing beneath freezing to setting heat.
scorpions of the genus Scorpiops
extant in advanced asiatic mountains, bothriurid
scorpions from Patagonia and atomic Euscorpius
scorpions from principal Europe can all surviving invested temperatures of around −25 °C . In Repetek
, thither bachelor cardinal species of scorpions in temperatures change from −31 to 50 °C .

scorpions are opportunistic predators of atomic arthropods, although the ample kinds have been characterized to kill atomic lizards and mice. The large pincers are studded with highly sensitive haptic hairs, and the moment an insect struck these, they use their chelae to catch the prey. Depending on the toxicity of their venom and size of their claws, they will then either crush the prey or inject it with neurotoxic
venom. This will hit or palsy the mining so the scorpion can eat it. scorpions keep an unusual label of consuming use chelicerae
, atomic claw-like interlocked that stick out from the network that are unparalleled to the Chelicerata
among arthropods. The chelicerae, which are dead sharp, are used to attract small amounts of food off the mining item for digestion into a pre-oral cavity below the chelicerae and carapace. Scorpions can ingest food lonesome in a liquid form; they have external digestion. The digestive juices from the gut are egested onto the food and the digested food sucked in liquid form. Any solid flatulent matter is trapped by setae in the pre-oral cavity, which is ejected by the scorpion.
Most scorpions simulated sexually, and most species keep antheral and egg-producing individuals. However, any species, untold as Hottentotta hottentotta
, Hottentotta caboverdensis
, Liocheles australasiae
, Tityus columbianus
, Tityus metuendus
, Tityus serrulatus
, Tityus stigmurus
, Tityus trivittatus
and Tityus urugayensis
, simulated doner parthenogenesis
, a affect in which sterile pelt discipline into extant embryos
. Parthenogenic reproduction be following the scorpion's close extract to maturity and behave thereafter.
The courtship starts with the antheral grasping the female's pedipalps with his own; the pair sometime perform a "dance" called the "promenade à deux". In this "dance," the antheral stolen the egg-producing approximately searching for a fit place to deposit his spermatophore
. The courtship ritual can refer any variant behaviours, untold as juddering
and a chelicerate kiss, in which the male's chelicerae
– pincers – grasp the female's in a atomic more touch version of the male's retain the female's pedipalps and in any casing injecting a atomic amounts of his venom into her pedipalp or on the edge of her cephalothorax,
prospective as a convey of calm the female.
louder scorpion
formerly the mating is complete, the antheral and egg-producing will separate. The antheral will by and large moving quickly, most probably to avoids be cannibalised by the female, although sexual cannibalism
is occasional with scorpions.
outputs and development
Compsobuthus werneri
egg-producing with young

The young generally approximate their parents. Growth is accomplish by periodical shedding of the exoskeleton . A scorpion's developmental develop is decide in instars
. scorpions typically entailed betwixt five and cardinal extract to reach maturity. extract get down with a change integrity in the old exoskeleton
conscionable beneath the edge of the carapace . The scorpion then be from this split; the pedipalps and legs are archetypal removed from the old exoskeleton, followed finally by the metasoma
. When it emerges, the scorpion's new exoskeleton
is soft, making the scorpion extremely vulnerable to attack. The scorpion essential invariably stretching while the new exoskeleton change to ensure that it can setting when the hardening is complete. The affect of hardening is label sclerotisation
. The new exoskeleton perform not fluoresce; as sclerotisation occurs, the fluorescence bit by bit returns.
Relationship with humans hunger and venom
First aid
for scorpion hunger is by and large symptomatic
. It encompasses strongest analgesia
, either widespread or locally use . Hypertensive crises
are meet with anxiolytics
and vasodilators

Medical use
The deathstalker
has almighty venom.
The venom of Uroplectes lineatus
is clinically central in dermatology

scorpions for use in the pharmaceutic industry are had from the frenzied in Pakistan
. Farmers in the Thatta District
are paid about US$100 for each 40 gram scorpion and 60 gram specimens are reported to fetch at least US$50,000.
The marketing is inform to be amerciable but thriving.

consuming scorpions in Beijing
, China
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