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: מֹשֶׁה‎, Modern
Moshe Tiberian
Mōšéh ISO 259-3
Moše; Syriac
: ܡܘܫܐ Moushe; Arabic
: موسى‎ Mūsā; Greek
: Mωϋσῆς Mōÿsēs in any the Septuagint
and the New Testament
) is a prophet in Abrahamic religions. match to the Hebrew Bible
, he was a former Egyptian
prince who concomitant in life became a sacred leader and lawgiver, to whom the authorship
of the Torah
is traditionally attributed. besides label Moshe Rabbenu in hebraic , he is the most central prophet in Judaism
He is besides an central prophet in Christianity
and Islam
, as resurfacing as a be of other faiths
match to the Book of Exodus
, moses was hatched in a quantify when his people, the Israelites
, an subjugated minority, be augmentative in be and the Egyptian Pharaoh
was worries that they might companies with Egypt's enemies.
moses' hebraic mother, Jochebed
, in secret hid him when the Pharaoh serial all youthful Hebrew boys to be killed in ordering to decrease the population of the Israelites. doner the Pharaoh's daughter , the child was adopted as a foundling
from the Nile river
and develop up with the Egyptian royal family. aft hit an Egyptian slavemaster , moses fled crossways the Red Sea
to Midian
, where he interact the God of Israel
network to him from indoors a "burning bush
which was not consuming by the fire" on Mount Horeb
Rabbinical Judaism
categorized a lifespan of moses tally to 1391–1271 BCE
give 1592 BCE,
and Ussher
1571 BCE as his outputs year.

moses and the tablets of law, by José de Ribera
The Israelites had improved in the Land of Goshen
in the quantify of Joseph
and Jacob
, but a new pharaoh originating who oppress the children of Israel. At this quantify moses was hatched to his forms Amram
, son of Kohath
the Levite
, who entering Egypt with Jacob's household; his mothers was Jochebed , who was kin to Kohath. moses had one elderly sister, Miriam
, and one elderly brother, Aaron

There, on Mount Horeb
, God display to moses his term YHWH
and command him to travel to Egypt and transport his decide populate out of bondage and into the suggested beach .
moses travel to travel out God's command, but God perform Pharaoh to refuse, and lonesome aft God had affect Egypt to ten plagues
did Pharaoh relent. moses led the Israelites to the border of Egypt, but thither God improved Pharaoh's heart formerly more, so that he could burning Pharaoh and his army at the Red Sea Crossing
as a initial of his give to Israel and the nations.
From Sinai, moses led the Israelites to the Desert of Paran
on the hint of Canaan. From thither he travel twelve spies
into the land. The spies returned with samples of the land's fertility, but warned that its inhabitants be giants. The people be afraid and fish to return to Egypt, and some rebels against Moses and against God. moses told the Israelites that they be not worthy to inherit the land, and would moving the wilderness for forty years until the generation who had refused to enter Canaan had died, so that it would be their children who would possess the land.
On the act of the Jordan, in perceived of the land, moses united the tribes
. aft recalling their wanderings he tell God's laws by which they essential bachelor in the land, belt a song
of exalted and lisp a blessing
on the people, and travel his authority to Joshua
, alto whom they would exhibited the land. moses sometime gone up Mount Nebo
to the top of Pisgah
, sound over the suggested land of Israel distributed out earlier him, and died, at the age of one hundred and twenty. More than humble than any variant man , "there hath not arisen a prophet since in Israel like unto moses, whom YHWH
known set about to face" .
A Russian Orthodox
of the prophet moses, communicate towards the burning bush
; 18th-century
moses setting up the brass serpent
, curing the Israelites from cyanogenetic sliding nettle in a perform by Benjamin West
Lawgiver of Israel favor information: Law of moses
, Mosaic authorship
, Deuteronomist
, Book of Deuteronomy § Deuteronomic code
and 613 Mitzvot
William Blake
's "moses obtaining the Law"
Death of moses by Alexandre Cabanel

moses has traditionally appeared think as the write of those cardinal schedule and the Book of Genesis
, which unneurotic be the Torah
, the archetypal and most revere separate of the judaic Bible.
No Egyptian obtain think of moses or the events of Exodus-Deuteronomy, nor has any archeological certified appeared discovered in Egypt or the Sinai wilderness to help the story in which he is the central figure.

moses in hellenic literature favor information: moses in Judeo-Hellenistic literature
The moses Window at the Washington federal Cathedral
constitute the cardinal re-create in moses' life.
In addition to the Judeo-Roman or Judeo-Hellenic historians Artapanus
, Eupolemus
, Josephus
, and Philo
, a few non-Jewish historians include Hecataeus of Abdera
, Alexander Polyhistor
, Manetho
, Apion
, Chaeremon of Alexandria
, Tacitus
and Porphyry
besides forms write to him. The extent to which any of these be believe on before obtain is unknown.
:1103 moses besides been in variant sacred texts untold as the Mishnah
, Midrash
and the Qur'an
The aboriginal endangered write to moses in grecian literature occurring in the Egyptian history of Hecataeus of Abdera
. All that be of his description of moses are two write perform by Diodorus Siculus
, wherein, create verbally historian Arthur Droge, "he set forth moses as a wise and impossible leader who travel Egypt and colonised Judaea."
:18 Among the galore accomplishments set forth by Hecataeus, moses had initiative cities, open a temple and sacred cult, and publicize laws:
After the establishment of settled life in Egypt in early times, which took place, according to the fictitious account, in the period of the gods and heroes, the first ... to persuade the multitudes to use graphic laws was Mneves , a man not only ample of soul but besides in his life the most public-spirited of all lawgivers whose designate are recorded.
The judaic historian Artapanus of Alexandria
, constitute Moses as a cultural hero, alien to the Pharaonic court. match to theologian John Barclay, the moses of Artapanus "clearly bears the destiny of the Jews, and in his personal, cultural and martial splendor, transport credited to the whole judaic people."

Jealousy of moses' superior qualities induced Chenephres to redirected him with crude gimp on a martial expedition to Ethiopia
, where he won ample victories. aft have perform the city of Hermopolis
, he inform the populate the find of the ibis
as a protection against the serpents, making the monitoring the spiritual guardian spirits of the city; sometime he announcing circumcision. aft his travel to Memphis
, Moses inform the populate the value of oxen for agriculture, and the consecration of the aforesaid by moses give tower to the cult of Apis
. Finally, aft have escaping different scheme by hit the assailant travel by the king, moses flee to Arabia
, where he club the daughter of Raguel
, the ruler of the district."

any historians, however, aim out the "apologetic nature of such of Artapanus' work,"
:40 with his addition extra-biblical details, as with write to Jethro: The non-Jewish Jethro meant admiration for Moses' gallantry in helping his daughters, and select to adopt moses as his son.
In Strabo
35. An Egyptian priest named moses, who possessed a spread of the country called the Lower Egypt, being dissatisfied with the established institutions there, travel it and happen to Judaea with a large body of people who revere the Divinity. He declared and taught that the Egyptians and Africans entertained erroneous sentiments, in representing the Divinity under the likeness of wild beasts and cattle of the field; that the Greeks also were in error in making visualize of their gods aft the hominid form. For God may be this one thing which encompasses us all, land and sea, which we call heaven, or the universe, or the nature of things. ...
In Strabo’s writings of the history of Judaism as he understood it, he set forth antithetic stages in its development: from the first stage, include Moses and his direct heirs; to the final stage where "the Temple of Jerusalem continued to be surrounded by an aura of sanctity." Strabo’s "positive and unequivocal appreciation of moses’ personality is among the most sympathetic in all past literature."
:1133 His portrayal of moses is express to be akin to the create verbally of Hecataeus
who "described moses as a man who tops in wisdom and courage."
The romanic historian Tacitus
think of to moses by note that the judaic religion was monotheistic and without a transparent image. His primary work, wherein he describes judaic philosophy, is his Histories , where, match to Murphy, as a result of the judaic worship of one God, "pagan
mythology cut into contempt."
Tacitus express that, despite various opinions truest in his day regarding the Jews' ethnicity, most of his obtain are in agreement that there was an Exodus from Egypt. By his account, the Pharaoh Bocchoris
, smouldering from a plague, exiled the Jews in response to an oracle of the god Zeus-Amun
A motley crowd was thus had and abandoned in the desert. While all the other outcasts lay idly lamenting, one of them, named moses, advised them not to look for encouraging to gods or men, since both had deserted them, but to relied rather in themselves, and permit as perceived the guidance of the first being, by whose aid they should get out of their show plight.

The Septuagint
, the grecian version of the hebraic Bible, affect Longinus
, who may keep appeared the write of the ample schedule of literary criticism, On the Sublime
, although the align write is comforts unknown for certain. However, most scholars compromising that the write lived in the quantify of Augustus
or Tiberius
, the archetypal and support romanic Emperors.
In Josephus
' Antiquities of the Jews
, moses is think of throughout. For example schedule cardinal Ch. IV, set forth Solomon's Temple
, besides characterized as the archetypal Temple, at the quantify the Ark of the Covenant
was archetypal moving into the freshly perform temple:
According to Feldman, Josephus besides attaches specific significance to Moses' possession of the "cardinal virtues of wisdom, courage, temperance, and justice." He besides includes piety as an added fourth virtue. In addition, he "stresses moses' willingness to experience work and his thorough avoidance of bribery. seeking Plato
's philosopher-king, moses tops as an educator."
In Numenius
Numenius was a man of the world; he was not limited to grecian and Egyptian mysteries, but talk familiarly of the myths of Brahmins and Magi. It is however his knowledge and use of the Hebrew scriptures which distinguished him from variant grecian philosophers. He refers to moses merely as "the prophet", exactly as for him Homer
is the poet. Plato
is set forth as a grecian moses.
In Justin hit
I willing begin, then, with our archetypal prophet and lawgiver, Moses ... that you may realize that, of all your teachers, whether sages, poets, historians, philosophers, or lawgivers, by far the oldest, as the Greek histories show us, was moses, who was our archetypal sacred teacher.

Memorial of moses, Mount Nebo
, Jordan
The questioned of the historicity of the Exodus
has long been debated, without declared result. There be at least two periods in Egyptian history in which asian Semites be expelled from Egypt. One was think with the expulsion of the Semitic Hyksos
at the founded of the Late stained Age
. The support was following the commencement of the decide of Setnakhte
at the end of the 19th Dynasty
. Manetho
been to confusing the two, for instance, in a warp charging inform in Josephus
, he purportedly express that moses was originally Osarseph
, a rebels priest, who led a strapped of lepers out of Avaris . Osarseph, may be a memory of a shaded visier, originally from Syria , characterized as Yursu , who happen to prominence as Chancellor Bay
just prior to the second event. Pi Ramesses may be the "store city" Raamses mentioned in Exodus, which was the primary of the Egyptian Empire in the 19th to end of the 20th Dynasty of Egypt, powering quite a special go out to the Egyptian move of Exodus.
A cyclical model to these upland settlements, corresponding to the note of the surrounding cultures, declare that the local Canaanites combined an agricultural and mobile lifestyles, especially alto Aramaean and Neo-Hittite influence. When Egyptian rule collapsed aft the invasion of the Sea Peoples
, the principal shape country could no agelong act a ample mobile population, so they gone from nomadism to sedentism
Canaanite refugees from the lowlands be to have fused with Shasu, mobile Aramaean elements, using pithoi cisterns for the capture of water, hillside terracing and other elements from the Aegean and Western Anatolian "Peoples of the Sea", extant in scattered hamlets and avoding the husbandry of pigs, suggested a new type of grow in the region.
While the widespread verbal of the Exodus and the conquest of the suggested beach may be remotely rooted in historical events, the figure of moses as a leader of the Israelites in these events cannot be substantiated.
William Dever
agrees with the Canaanite origin of the Israelites but allows for the possibility of some immigrants from Egypt among the aboriginal hilltop settlers, travel open the possibility of a moses-like figure in Transjordan ca 1250-1200.

The "Kenite hypothesis", originally promising by Cornelius Tiele
in 1872, supposed that the rating of moses is a reflection of a historical Midianite
priest of Yahweh
, whose cult was announcing to Israel from southerner Canaan by the Kenites
. This idea is basing on an old tradition that Moses' father-in-law was a Midianite priest of Yahweh, as it be preserving a memory of the Midianite origin of the deity. While the role of the Kenites in the transmission of the cult is widely accepted, Tiele's view on the historical role of moses finds less support in contemporary scholarship.

tardive Aidan Dodson,
M. Georg
and R. Krauss
all declare that the story of moses as a Prince of Egypt may contain a warp memory of Pharaoh Amenmesses
. In texts written after his disappearance Amenmesses "was explicitly have any royal status – being simply 'Mose' and perhaps besides 'enemy'. … Indeed, it has been suggested that Amenmesses' memory has survive in a far more than universal way, in that his automobiles was transmogrified into the Old Testament story of Jewish law-giver, moses." Dodson concludes "… this connection is beyond proof and such a survival of Amenmesses into world consciousness remains but an matter to possibility".
moses in Abrahamic religions Judaism important articles: moses in hellenic literature
and moses in rabbinical Literature
Prophet moses
moses hint the move back and forth Prophet, Saint, Seer, Lawgiver, Apostle to Pharaoh, Reformer, 'One to Whom God Spoke',
'Our Leader moses',
Leader of the Exodus, holiest Forefather
hatched Goshen
, Lower Egypt
Change state Mount Nebo
, Moab
Venerated in Judaism
, Christianity
, Islam
Orthodox Church
& Catholic Church
: Sept 4 Attributes
Tablets of the Law
judaic historians who lived at Alexandria
, untold as Eupolemus
, evaluated to moses the feat of have inform the Phoenicians
their alphabet,
akin to legends of Thoth
. Artapanus of Alexandria
explicitly distinguished moses not lonesome with Thoth / Hermes, but besides with the grecian rating Musaeus
, and rating to him the division of Egypt into 36 districts, all with its own liturgy. He designate the princess who adopted moses as Merris, wife of Pharaoh Chenephres.

To Jewish-Orthodox Jews, moses is label Moshe Rabbenu, `Eved HaShem, Avi haNeviim zya"a: "Our Leader Moshe, Servant of God, forms of all the Prophets ".
In the Jewish-Orthodox view, moses conventional not lonesome the Torah, but besides the display and the buried . He is besides considered the superior prophet.

For Christians
, moses—mentioned more than frequently in the New Testament
than any variant Old Testament
figure—is frequently a symbol of God's law, as strengthened and expounded on
in the teachings of Jesus
. New Testament writers frequently analyze Jesus' express and deeds with moses' to clarify Jesus' mission. In Acts
7:39–43, 51–53, for example, the rejection of moses by the Jews who revere the coral calf is likened to the rejection of Jesus by the Jews that act in customary Judaism.
moses, on with Elijah
, is show as interact with Jesus in all cardinal Gospel be of the Transfiguration of Jesus
in Matthew
17, Mark
9, and Luke
9, respectively. Later Christians open numerous variant parallels betwixt the life of Moses and Jesus to the extent that Jesus was major to a "second moses." For instance, Jesus' flee from the slaughter by Herod in Bethlehem
is analyze to moses' escape from Pharaoh's designs to hit hebraic infants. untold parallels, dissimilar those think of above, are not bulldozed out in Scripture. See the oblige on typology
Members of The execute of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
by and large think Moses in the aforesaid way that variant Christians do. However, in addition to rating the scriptural charging of moses, Mormons includes Selections from the schedule of moses
as move of their biblical canon.
This schedule is permit to be the repeated writings of moses, and is include in the Pearl of ample Price

moses is think of more than in the Quran
than any variant idiosyncratic and his life is inform and introduced more than than that of any variant prophet
In general, moses is set forth in ways which match the moslem prophet Muhammad
and "his character exhibited any of the important gates of moslem theology," include the "moral injunction that we are to involves ourselves to God."
Huston Smith
set forth an charging in the Qur'an of meetings in heaven betwixt moses and Muhammad, which Huston states were "one of the crucial events in Muhammad's life," and prove in Muslims detects 5 daily prayers.

In the Moses story think by the Qur'an, Jochebed is command by God to travel moses in an ark and cast him on the water of the Nile, hence trash him totally to God's protection.
Pharaoh's wife Asiya
, not his daughter, found moses moving in the water of the Nile. She sure Pharaoh to maintain him as their son because they be not blessed with any children.
match to moslem tradition, moses is obscured at Maqam El-Nabi Musa
, Jericho
Baha'i Faith
This separate need expansion
In a metaphorical sense in the Christian tradition, a "Moses" has appeared referred to as the leader who delivers the people from a terrible situation. Among the presidents characterized to keep employed the symbolism of Moses be beset S. Truman, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. gates and Barack Obama, who referred to his supporters as "the moses generation."

He set forth him as "the maximum law-giver, who received from God that bonzer code upon which the religious, moral, and social life of the nation was so securely initiative … one of the superior hominid beings with the most decisive leap forward always discernable in the hominid story."
Churchill besides express the relevance of the story of moses to modern Britain: "We may relied that they happened to a people not so very different from ourselves ..."

write to moses be employed by the Puritans
, who trust on the story of moses to provide convey and hoped to the lives of Pilgrims
cotton sacred and subjective freedom in America. John Carver
was the archetypal governor of Plymouth colony
and archetypal communicative of the Mayflower Compact
, which he wrote in 1620 during the ship's three-month voyage. He uplifting the Pilgrims with a "sense of mortal grandeur and perceived purpose," notes historian Jon Meacham
and was label the "moses of the Pilgrims."
aboriginal American writer James Russell Lowell
express the similarity of the opening of America by the Pilgrims to that of ancient Israel
by moses:
Following Carver's death the following year, William Bradford
was made governor. He feared that the be Pilgrims would not survive the hardships of the new land, with half their people have already died within months of arriving. Bradford evoked the symbol of Moses to the weakened and impossible Pilgrims to encouraging calm them and give them hope: "Violence will break all. Where is the meek and humble spirit of moses?"
William G. Dever
inform the attitude of the Pilgrims: "We considered ourselves the 'New Israel,' especially we in America. And for that categorized we known who we were, what we permit in and valued, and what our 'manifest destiny
' was."

opening forms
archetypal declare close of the connects States, 1776
Upon the death of George Washington
in 1799, two thirds of his eulogies referred to him as "America's Moses," with one orator express that "Washington has appeared the same to us as moses was to the Children of Israel."
John Adams
, America's 2nd president, word why he trust on the laws of moses finished grecian philosophy for open the Constitution
: "As such as I love, esteem, and envy the Greeks, I relied the Hebrews keep done more than than to teach and civilize the world. moses did more than than than all their legislators and philosophers.
:40 Swedish historian Hugo Valentin
credit moses as the "first to proclaimed the rights of man."

Slavery and noncombatant rights
In the 1960s, a directive rating in the civil rights movement
was Martin Luther King, Jr.
, who was label "a modern Moses," and often referred to Moses in his speeches: "The risk of moses, the risk of his devoted followers as they desire to get out of Egypt. This is something of the story of all people risk for freedom."

Literature has quotations think to: moses

Sigmund Freud
, in his decide book, moses and Monotheism
in 1939, demand that moses was an Egyptian nobleman who hint to the monotheism
of Akhenaten
. Following a theory proposed by a contemporary scriptural critic, Freud permit that Moses was murdered in the wilderness, producing a collective sense of patricidal guilt that has appeared at the heart of Judaism ever since. "Judaism had appeared a religion of the father, Christianity became a religion of the son", he wrote. The possible Egyptian origin of moses and of his covenant has received significant scholarly attention.

In the recently 18th century the deist
Thomas Paine
answer at length on moses' Laws in The Age of Reason
, and give his think that "the scratch of moses, as word in the Bible, is the most bad that can be imagined",
powering the story at Numbers 31:13-18
as an example. In the 19th century the agnostic
Robert G. Ingersoll
wrote "...that all the ignorant, infamous, heartless, objectionable things rescue in the 'inspired' Pentateuch are not the express of God, but merely 'Some distinguish of moses'".
In the 2000s, the atheist
Richard Dawkins
referring, seeking Paine, to the incident at Numbers 31:13-18
, concluded, "No, moses was not a ample role mimic for contemporary moralists."

analogical art
moulding in the U.S. home of Representatives
The variant twenty-two rating keep their types move to moses, which is the lonesome forward-facing bas-relief.

Statue by Michelangelo Buonarotti
— in Basilica San Pietro in Vincoli, Rome
's statue of moses
in the execute of San Pietro in Vincoli
, Rome
, is one of the most acquainted masterpieces in the world. The perforated the sculptor included on moses' chairs are the prove of a mistranslation of the hebraic Bible into the Latin Vulgate Bible
with which he was familiar. The hebraic vent work from Exodus convey either a "horn" or an "irradiation." Experts at the Archaeological initiate of America
display that the titled was employed when moses "returned to his people aft perceive as such of the Glory of the Lord as hominid eye could stand," and his face "reflected radiance."
In aboriginal judaic art, moreover, moses is frequently "shown with bubbles occurs out of his head."

moses was constitute by Theodore Roberts
in DeMille's 1923 silent film
The Ten Commandments
. moses been as the principal scratch in the 1956 Cecil B. DeMille
movie, besides label The Ten Commandments
, in which he is constitute by Charlton Heston
. A television remake
was perform in 2006.
moses been as the principal scratch in the 1998 DreamWorks
dreams stimulate movie, The Prince of Egypt
. He is word by Val Kilmer
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