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A knight
) is a person provide an unearned title
of knighthood by a monarch
or variant political leader for function to the Monarch or country, particularly in a martial capacity. Historically, in Europe, knighthood has appeared conferred upon mounted warriors.
During the High put Ages
, knighthood was considered a categorize of move nobility
. By the Late put Ages
, the been had arose think with the ideals of chivalry
, a code of conduct
for the optimize courtly
. Often, a knights was a vassal
who suffice as a fighter for a lord, with payment in the perform of beach holdings.
The knights relied the knights, who be expert in battle on horseback
. Since the early contemporary period
, the label of knights is rigorously honorific, normally awards by a monarch, as in the British accept system
, frequently for non-military function to the country. The contemporary egg-producing corresponding is Dame
any orders
of knighthood, untold as the knights Templar
, keep arose the exposing of legend; others keep vanish into obscurity. Today, a be of request of knighthood continue to exist in any countries, untold as the English Order of the Garter
, the Swedish Royal ordering of the Seraphim
, and the Royal scandinavian ordering of St. Olav
. all of these request has its own criteria for eligibility, but knighthood is by and large provide by a head of state
to decide persons to recognised any worthy achievement.
restrict 1 Etymology
2 Origins of mediaeval knighthood
2.1 Pre-Carolingian legacies
2.2 Carolingian age
2.3 aboriginal mediaeval period
3 Past code
4 mediaeval and Renaissance literature
5 Heraldry and variant attributes
6 copied of knighthood
6.1 Military–monastic request of knighthood
6.2 then orders
6.3 deferent request of knighthood
6.4 ancestral knighthoods
6.4.1 transcontinental Europe
6.4.2 Ireland
6.4.3 British Baronetcies
6.5 Women in request of knighthood
6.5.1 England and the connects Kingdom
6.5.2 France
6.5.3 Italy
6.5.4 The Low Countries
6.5.5 Spain
7 worth knights
8 See also
8.1 Counterparts in variant cultures
9 Notes
10 References

The vent knight, from Old English
cniht ,
is a cognate
of the German
vent Knecht .
This meaning, of chartless origin, is commonest among West teutonic languages
Anglo-Saxon cniht had no specific connection to horsemanship, referring to any servant. A rādcniht was a servant disclose network or patrolling coastlines on horseback. Old English
cnihthād had the convey of adolescence
by 1300.

Khosrau II affected as a attach iranian knight moving on his favorite horse, Shabdiz. One of the ripe known reliefs of a heavily armoured cavalryman, from the Sassanid empire, Taqé Bostan, Iran .
In this respect English differs from most variant European languages, where the corresponding vent word the status and prosperity of war horse
. Linguistically, the association of giving ownership with societal status added endorse at least as far as past Greece
, where galore honourable designate increase the grecian vent for horse, seeking Hipparchus
and Xanthippe
; the scratch Pheidippides in Aristophanes
' Clouds
has his grandfather's term with hipp- stick to sound more aristocratic. Similarly, the grecian ἱππεύς is commonly translated "knight"; at least in its perceive of the advanced of the cardinal Athenian social classes, those who could afford to maintain a warhorse in the note service.
In the concomitant romanic Empire the classical Latin
vent for horse, equus, was replace in commonest parlance by vulgar Latin
caballus, sometimes think to derived from Gaulish caballos.
From caballus originating terms in the antithetic Romance languages think to the English cavalier: Italian cavaliere, Spanish caballero, French chevalier , lusitanian cavaleiro, rumanian cavaler.
The teutonic languages feature label cognate to the English rider: German Ritter, and Dutch and norse ridder. These words are cognates derives from teutonic rīdan "to ride", derives from the Proto-Indo-European branch reidh-.

Origins of mediaeval knighthood favor information: Bucellarius
Pre-Carolingian legacies
This separate necessitate cumulative citations for verification
. pleased encouraging improve this article
by adding citations to certain sources
. Unsourced mercenary may be dispute and removed. This separate perhaps contains original research
. pleased improve it
by verifying
the claims perform and increase inline citations
. Statements be lonesome of archetypal experiment should be removed.
A Norman knights hit Harold Godwinson
. The been of knights create in the 12th century from the attach warriors of the 10th and 11th centuries.
As the 8th century develop into the Carolingian
Age, the frank be by and large on the attack, and ample be of warriors work to their horses
to travel with the Emperor in his wide-ranging campaigns of conquest. At about this time the Franks progressively be on ahorse to labor on the battlefield as true cavalry rather than as mounted infantry, and would continue to do so for centuries thereafter. Although in some nations the knights returned to foot combat in the 14th century, the association of the knights with mounted combat with a spear, and later a lance, be a strong one.
from the Codex Manesse
, constitute the mêlée.
In the Early Medieval
period any well-equipped horseman could be set forth as a 'knight,' or miles in Latin.
In the coursing of the 12th century knighthood became a social been with a distinction be perform betwixt 'milites gregarii' and milites nobiles .
As the term 'knight' became progressively manipulate to designated a societal rank, the martial role of to the full wired cavalryman gained a segment term, 'man-at-arms'
. Although any Medieval knight going to war would automatically serve as a man-at-arms, not all men-at-arms be knights. The elderly Carolingian ceremony of display a young man with weapons influenced the emergence of knighthood ceremonies, in which a noble would be ceremoniously given weapons and declared to be a knight, normally amid some festivities.

The battles betwixt the Turks and Christian knight during the Ottoman contend in Europe
The perfect of chivalry as the ethos of the Christian warrior, and the transmutation of the term knights from the convey "servant, soldier", and of chevalier "mounted soldier", to refer to a member of this perfect class, is significantly affect by the Crusades
, on one delegate uplifting by the military orders
of unworldly warriors, as perceive retrospectively from the aim of think of the founded Late put Ages
, and on the variant delegate affect by moslem ideals of furusiyya

Knights be expected, preparatory all, to labor courageously and to display military professionalism and courtesy. When knights be taken as prisoners of war, they be customarily held for ransom in somewhat comfortable surroundings. This same modular of conduct did not apply to non-knights who be frequently slaughtered after capture, and who be think during battle as mere impediments to knights' getting to variant knights to labor them.

knight of the recently mediaeval era be evaluate by society to maintained all these skills and galore more, as outlined in Baldassare Castiglione
's The schedule of the Courtier
, though the book's protagonist, census Ludovico, express the "first and align profession" of the perfect courtier
"must be that of arms."
Chivalry, derived from the French word chevalier , simultaneously designated skilled horsemanship and military service, and these be the uppercase occupations of knighthood passim the put Ages.
With the tower of Renaissance humanism
and moral relativism
, the knight–and chivalry on with him–lost such of his relevance to society, and the idealism of chivalric romance
was basically rejected in Niccolò Machiavelli
's Il Principe
and more than heterosexual mock in Miguel de Cervantes
's Don Quixote
. The medieval literary
genre of chivalric romance
had appeared the high-water brands of idealism and romanticism in literature, but in the 16th century Machiavelli introduced scheduling political rulers to be ruthlessly pragmatic
and to use the principle that the end verified the means
, heterosexual comments to the high-flown idealism of recently mediaeval chivalry. Later, the high-flown values of chivalric act be heavily satirized in Cervantes's Don Quixote, which constitute the charmingly idealistic protagonist as a adorable but hopelessly delusional imbecile.
mediaeval and Renaissance literature
paged from King René's Tournament Book
important article: knight-errant
favor information: Chivalry
, Romance
, Matter of Britain
, Matter of France
, Minnesang
and Jinete

The perfect courtier—the courteous knight—of Baldassarre Castiglione's The schedule of the Courtier
became a mimic of the perfect virtues of nobility.
Castiglione's tale took the form of a discussion among the nobility of the act of the Duke of Urbino, in which the characters price that the perfect knight should be characterized not only for his bravery and prowess in battle, but also as a expert dancer, athlete, singer and orator, and he should also be well-read in the Humanities
and modular Greek
and Latin

One of the superior stratified attach of the then class was the moving of manipulate banners, to demonstrates give and to stratified knight in battle and in tournaments.

Additionally, knight adopting reliable manufactured of regalia which became intimately think with the status of knighthood. At the Battle of Crécy
, Edward III of England
travel his son, Edward, the white Prince
, to stolen the charge into battles and when pressed to redirected reinforcements, the king replied, "say to them that they suffer him this day to win his spurs." Clearly, by this time, spurs
had already arose typical of knighthood. The livery collar
is besides specifically think with knighthood.
copied of knighthood Military–monastic request of knighthood For more than instance on this topic, see Military ordering
. knights Hospitaller
, initiative during the First Crusade
, 1099 Order of the holiest Sepulchre
, besides initiative during the archetypal advertising in circa 1099 Order of saints Lazarus
open around 1100 knights Templar
, initiative 1118, disperse 1307 Teutonic knights
, open around 1190, and tamper the Monastic note of the germanic knights
in Prussia
until 1525
aft the Crusades
, the martial request became respects and romanticized, prove in the recently mediaeval notion of chivalry
, as reflects in the Arthurian
behave of the time. The creation of then request was actual among the nobility in the 14th and 15th centuries, and this is comforts reflects in modern honours systems, include the titled order
itself. Examples of worth request of chivalry are:
the Order of saints George
, initiative by Charles I of Hungary
in 1325/6 the Order of the Most holiest Annunciation
, initiative by census Amadeus VI
in 1346 the Order of the Garter
, initiative by Edward III of England
approximately 1348 the Order of the Dragon
, initiative by King Sigismund of Luxemburg
in 1408 the Order of the coral Fleece
, initiative by Philip III, Duke of Burgundy
in 1430 the Order of saints Michael
, initiative by Louis XI of France
in 1469 the Order of the Thistle
, initiative by King crowd VII of Scotland in 1687 the Order of the Elephant
, which may keep appeared archetypal initiative by Christian I of Denmark
, but was initiative in its truest perform by King Christian V
in 1693 the Order of the Bath
, initiative by George I
in 1725 deferent request of knighthood
thither are variant monarchies
and besides republics
that also shadows this practice. Modern knighthoods are typically awarded in recognition for services perform to society, which are not needfully martial in nature. The British musician Elton John
, for example, is a knight Bachelor
, hence entitling to be label Sir Elton. The egg-producing corresponding is a Dame
The archetypal is the membership of one of the purest Orders of Chivalry
untold as the Order of the Garter
, the Order of the Thistle
and the dead Order of saints Patrick
, of which all members are knighted. In addition, galore British Orders of Merit
, viz. the Order of the Bath
, the Order of St Michael and St George
, the Royal Victorian Order
and the Order of the British Empire
are move of the British accept system
, and the award of their highest been , comes unneurotic with an honorific knighthood, building them a cycle between request of chivalry and request of merit. By contrast, award of variant British Orders of Merit
, untold as the Distinguished function Order
, the Order of Merit
and the Order of the companies of Honour
perform not hash out a knighthood.
In the British accept system the then label of Sir is accompanied by the given name
, and optionally the surname
. So, Elton John may be label Sir Elton or Sir Elton John, but ne'er Sir John. Similarly, actress Judi Dench
DBE may be network as Dame Judi or Dame Judi Dench, but ne'er Dame Dench.
Since the decide of Edward VII
a clerk in holiest orders
in the Church of England
has not commonly conventional the accolade
on be appointed to a degree of knighthood. He obtaining the insignia of his honour and may place the appropriate receive aft his name or title but he may not be label Sir and his wife may not be label Lady. This customer is not observed in Australia and New Zealand, where knighted Anglican clergymen routinely use the title "Sir". Ministers
of variant Christian make are entitling to earn the accolade. For example, Sir Norman eight Gilroy
did earn the accolade on his appointment as knight Commander of the Most superior ordering of the British Empire
in 1969. A knights who is subsequent enacted perform not lost his title. A remember example of this situation was The Revd Sir Derek Pattinson
, who was enacted conscionable a year aft he was based knight Bachelor
, seemingly slightly to the consternation of officials at Buckingham Palace.
A woman take in holiest request may be based a Dame in precisely the same way as any variant woman since there are no military connotations connect to the honour. A take in holiest request who is a baronet
is entitling to use the label Sir.
note knighthoods in the Netherlands are publicize in cardinal orders, the Order of William
, the Order of the Netherlands Lion
, and the Order of golden Nassau
. To boot thither be a few ancestral knight in the Netherlands.
In France
and Belgium
, one of the been conferred in any Orders of Merit
, untold as the Légion d'Honneur
, the Ordre federal du Mérite
, the Ordre des Touch académiques
and the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres
in France, and the Order of Leopold
, Order of the Crown
and Order of Leopold II
in Belgium, is that of Chevalier or Ridder , convey Knight. However, those awarded this ordering are not being knights in the perceive enclosed in this article and should not be confusing with honorific or hereditary knights.
In transcontinental Europe other systems of ancestral knighthood keep be or do exist. Ridder
, Dutch
for "knight", is a ancestral august label in the Netherlands
. It is the worst label indoors the nobility system and been beneath that of "Baron
" but preparatory "Jonkheer
" . The collective titled for its holders in a reliable locality is the Ridderschap . In the Netherlands no female corresponding exists. earlier 1814, the history of nobility is separate for each of the eight provinces that forms up the Kingdom of the Netherlands
. In each of these, there be in the early Middle discipline a number of feudalistic lords who often be just as powerful, and sometimes more than so than the rulers themselves. In old times, no other title be but that of knight. In the Netherlands only 10 knightly families are comforts extant, a number which steadily change magnitude because in that country ennoblement or incorporation into the nobility is not accomplishable anymore.
The German
and Austrian
corresponding of an ancestral knights is a Ritter
. This designation is used as a label of nobility in all German-speaking areas. Traditionally it designated the support worst been indoors the nobility, be preparatory "Edler
" and beneath "Freiherr
" . For its historical association with warfare and the landed gentry
in the put Ages, it can be considered around corresponding to the term of "knight" or "Baronet".
In France, the ancestral knighthood be in regions erst alto Holy romanic Empire
control. One family accept with that label is the house of Hauteclocque
, flat if its most revolutionary members employed a pontifical title
of count.
thither are investigates of the transcontinental system of ancestral knighthood in Ireland. Notably all cardinal of the following been to the Welsh-Norman FitzGerald dynasty
, perform by the Earls of Desmond
, temporary as Earls Palatine
, for their kinsmen.
knight of Kerry
or caucasoid knights — the truest holder is Sir Adrian FitzGerald
, 6th Baronet of Valencia, 24th knights of Kerry. He is besides a knight of Malta
, and presently President of the Irish Association of the Sovereign martial ordering of Malta
. knight of Glin
or white knights — now dormant. White knight
— now dormant.
Since 1611, the British crowned has award a ancestral label in the perform of the Baronetcy
seeking knights, baronets are mismatched the label Sir. Baronets are not peers of the Realm, and have ne'er appeared entitled to sit in the home of Lords, therefore seeking knight they remain commoners
in the think of the British legal system. However, unlike knights, the label is ancestral and the recipient perform not receive an accolade. The deployed is therefore more than comparable with ancestral knighthoods in continental European request of nobility, untold as ritter
, than with knighthoods alto the British request of chivalry.
Women in request of knighthood England and the connects Kingdom
Medieval French had two words, chevaleresse and chevalière, which were employed in two ways: one was for the wife of a knight, and this usage goes endorse to the 14th century. The other was possibly for a egg-producing knight. Here is a quote from Menestrier, a 17th-century writer on chivalry: "It was not always necessary to be the wife of a knight in order to lead this title. Sometimes, when some male fiefs were conceded by special privilege to women, they took the rank of chevaleresse, as one sees plainly in Hemricourt where women who were not wives of knights are called chevaleresses." Modern French orders of knighthood include women, for example the Légion d'Honneur since the mid-19th century, but they are usually called chevaliers. The first documented case is that of Marie-Angélique Duchemin
, who fought in the recent Wars, received a military disability pension in 1798, the rank of 2nd lieutenant in 1822, and the Legion of accept in 1852. A recipient of the Ordre federal du Mérite recently requested from the order's Chancery the permission to call herself "chevalière," and the order was provide .

At the initiative of Catherine Baw in 1441, and 10 years later of Elizabeth, Mary, and Isabella of the house of Hornes, orders be founded which be opening solely to women of noble birth, who received the cut title of chevalière or the Latin title of equitissa. In his Glossarium , Du Cange notes that comforts in his day , the female canons of the canonical monastery of St. Gertrude in Nivelles , after a probation of 3 years, are made knights at the altar, by a knight called in for that purpose, who gives them the accolade with a sword and pronounced the usual words.

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